NewsWatch: Weaker job growth in August ‘cements’ a Fed interest-rate cut in two weeks

The weaker than expected job growth in August ‘cements’ a Fed interest-rate cut in two weeks, economists said. The outlook for policy after than is less certain. See full story.

Demand for labor weakens as stimulus fades and tariffs rise

Job growth is slowing as predicting. But something else is happening: The slowdown in global growth and trade, the lack of capital spending by businesses, and the tariff wars are taking a big toll on manufacturing, and that’s rippling through the economy. See full story.

Why the coming recession could force the Federal Reserve to swap greenbacks for digital dollars

Paper bank notes are being upgraded for a digital future around the world. See full story.

Mortgage rates fell again this week — and the Fed could push them even lower

Analysts expect the Federal Reserve to cut rates again later this month. See full story.

European companies are holding on to their cash despite low-interest-rate environment

European companies would rather hang onto their cash despite the low interest rate environment, as they delay making investments amid growing uncertainty over the economic outlook. See full story.

Also, a case for target-date funds and more dividend-stock ideas. See full story.

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